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Dada Eyiwunmi Oluwajuwon

A graduate of the Sports Management Academy Worldwide in Portland, Oregon, USA, Dada, as he is affectionately known, came to Europe as a professional football player. He is a certified European Football Association (UEFA) Trainer in Switzerland. He previously played professional football in Germany, Turkey, and Switzerland.

He manages the Sports Management Liability Company (Futbol Mundial) and the Soccer Academy World United Football Academy (WUFA) – in a partnership deal. He loves working with children.

In addition to his involvement in sports, Dada is a vibrant, spirit-filled minister who spreads the gospel through his businesses. He attended Bible School in Switzerland and was ordained into Christian ministry; one of his callings involves funding missionary work.

Pastor Dada is a passionate encourager and infallible supporter of missionary work in Europe, Africa, and the USA. He was the Co-pioneer leader of the African Lounge, a highly successful outreach programme of the ICF International.