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Ruckey Peniel Oluwajuwon

A respected teacher of the Word, singer, author, and counselor, she is the host of HOPE NOW, an online TV programme, and international conference with a focus on relationships. Her ministry is known to transcend cultural barriers. With prophetic ministrations followed by signs and wonders and an incredibly soft heart for the hopeless, she spreads with passion the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ, the one who also saved her from the darkness of her past. She considers herself an ambassador of hope.

A seasoned conference speaker, she has spoken at conferences in Switzerland, Nigeria, the U.S., the UK, Italy, and Germany. She co-pastors Glorious Vessels International Switzerland with her husband, Pastor Dada. She strongly believes in Jesus CULTURE, which breaks down cultural barriers and brings people from all walks of life and different cultures as one, just as Jesus Christ desired in John 17.

She is a graduate of The Word of Faith Bible Institute, ordained pastor, certified pastoral counselor, and relationship coach. Her ministry is non-denominational. She is a graduate of Law from the University of Jos, with postgraduate studies in Organisational Behaviour, Project Management from the University of Cumbria, and a Masters in International Business Law from the City Law School, London. She has been privileged to work with prestigious law firms in Nigeria and Europe.

Having raised a child singly in the past, she is committed to the cause of single parenthood and ministering liberation, deliverance, and restoration to the lost, orphans, the hopeless, heartbroken, and oppressed. Her strong desire is to see people live wholesome lives either as singles or married. She enjoys teaching and mentoring men, women, teenagers, and single parents.

Her teachings have been described as down-to-earth, real, motivational, empowering, liberating, and making the Word of God alive and relevant even today. Pastor Ruckey, whose primary call is prophetic intercession, is married with kids and lives with her family in Switzerland.